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Studio Ambassador   |  Dance Connection

Student Assistant Program

We love our bright, energetic students and desire for them to have energy, enthusiasm and love for dance as much as we do.  Our Student Assistant Program is an exciting commitment to fellow dancers as a key member of our classroom.  DCSA members will learn valuable skills as an assistant to other dancers and provide role model behavior to those around them.  As a dancer, you'll have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the workings of a class and just how teachers teach.  

Please read our ATP Requirements Below before applying.  

Assistant Teaching Program Las Vegas Dance

Season 2020-2021

Dance Connection, 6535 N Buffalo Dr #150, Las Vegas, NV 89131




Being invited to assist your dance teacher in classes is a great honor. It usually means that he/she has observed characteristics like your dedication to dance, your willingness and cooperation in class, and perhaps your caring or compassionate nature. Perhaps, in you, your instructor may see the spirit of a future teacher and would like to cultivate and nurture these qualities. As does “great power,” great honor comes with “great responsibilities.”


  • Grades 6th and up

  • Dance Connection Dancer for at least 1.5 years

  • High interest in dance

  • Regular attendance

  • Neatness and cleanliness

  • Ability to work with others

  • Ability to follow directions

  • High energy

  • Good personality

  • Speaks clearly

  • Displays courtesy

  • Dresses appropriately

  • Follow all Dance Connection Rules and Policies

  • Punctuality

  • Display technique 

  • Assist the instructor before, during & after class

  • Be available at extra rehearsals and performances

  • Dedicated to Dance Connection as you will represent and be an abassador



  • Help with attendance

  • Lead certain warm-ups or exercises while your teacher corrects students

  • Help children during shoe changes, bathroom or water breaks

  • Keep an eye out for potential hazards like untied shoe laces or poor spacing/awareness while children are dancing

  • Be a source of positive and enthusiastic energy in the class

  • Keep students on task and focused

  • Offer encouragement to dance students during the class

  • Help to line up students and to keep them in line

  • Lead or participate in choreography/recital dances

  • Work seamlessly with your teacher by anticipating his/her needs so that together you can provide a fun and supportive learning environment for younger dancers

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