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Together We Can...

We are Raising money to help the ease of pain

during Covid 19 Closure.

    In March of 2020 a pandemic forced non-essential business to close. Now to some our business might seem non-essential but we can assure you to the 5000 + dancers who have gone through our doors and crossed our paths; We are a very essential part of their lives and journey. We have provided a safe haven through dance not only fostering imagination and self expression, but developing bright, smart, goal oriented young citizens for our future. 


Being forced to close for 12 weeks and now having guidelines such as only opening at 50% capcity continues to bring us hardship.  Although the landlord graciously worked with us, we continue to  take a major hit financially and are doing everything in our power to keep our dancers and studio together.

Any amount helps. 
God Bless You and Thank You
Welcome to the Dance Connection Family
You are now a DCer for life!

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