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Recommended Dance Attire


We often video / photograph for our social media platforms so please refrain from wearing other dance studio logos. 

Jazz / Lyrical / Contemporary

  • Dance shorts or leggings

  • Sports bra, tank top or leotard (must be form fitting)

  • Jazz shoes

  • Hair in a neat ponytail or bun.


Hip Hop / Breaking

  • Loose fitting clothing to allow for movement and comfort.

  • Sweatpants/leggings/shorts (NO Jeans)

  • Any top (sports bra/tank top/t-shirt)

  • Breaking should bring a beanie

  • Clean Sneakers (for dance only)


Jazz Funk (On Camera Class)

  • Look the Part!

  • Look Clean and Stylish.  Bring several clothing ideas for whatever choreo and look will be thrown at you for recording.

Aerial Arts Contortion

  • Tight fitted clothing.

  • No Jewlry of any kind allowed

  • Hair pulled bac (including long bangs)


  • Leotard, Long Leggings (no shorts allowed)

  • Bring a long sleeve shirt


  • Black long fitted pants.

  • Tight fitted shirt or tank tucked in


  • Leggings/shorts

  • Any top (sports bra/tank top/t-shirt)

  • Black lace up tap shoes


Tiny Talent and Combo Classes

  • Leotard, Skirts, Tights 

  • Pink Ballet, Tap, Jazz Shoes




  • Black Leotard, Pink Tights

  • Hair in a neat, secure bun with hair net and bobbypins

  • The bun should be a the crown of the head and not forward to the hairline.


  • Black shorts above the knee or fitted leggings

  • White t-shirt or tank (plain, fitted)

  • Black ballet shoes

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