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Season 2022-2023

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August 13th 11am
A Promise to Cast Every Child
Show Date: Dec. 11th Times TBD


WILLY WONKA/CANDY MAN is an enigmatic character; at once mysterious and mischievous but also charismatic. Pick a young man (or a young woman) who is charismatic, engaging and has a great voice (in the case of a young man, preferably a changed voice). The actor should be able to be funny and serious and change between the two on a dime. It is preferred that Wonka double as the Candy Man, as it helps reinforce that Wonka has staged the Golden Ticket competition and is somewhat controlling this contest along the way. 


CHARLIE BUCKET is the emotional heart and soul of the musical. The actor performing Charlie should have an unchanged voice and lots of pluck and enthusiasm. Charlie is in nearly every scene, so make sure you select an actor who can handle the demands of a sizable role


GRANDPA JOE is the grandfather we all wish we had when we were Charlie’s age. He is caring, patient, sweet and always reminds Charlie to remain cheerful. Cast an actor who can be kind and funny. The role sings a bit, but the singing is secondary. 


MR. AND MRS. BUCKET: These are great roles for young people who have nice voices, and are natural nurturers. Both sing solos; Mr. Bucket performs the number “Think Positive” with Charlie and Mrs. Bucket sings “Cheer Up, Charlie” with Mr. Bucket and Grandpa Joe.


PHINEOUS TROUT is the reporter who announces the winners of the Golden Ticket contest throughout the show. The role requires some singing


OOMPA-LOOMPA CHORUS can be a small  handful of performers or as many as your stage and theater can accommodate. 


AUGUSTUS GLOOP is the overachieving eater who represents the evils of eating too much. Either a boy or a girl acting like a boy can play Augustus. Augustus sings “I Eat More!” along with his mother and Phineous Trout. The song is on the difficult side, but does not need to be sung with a polished pretty voice, in fact, the more character the better. 


MRS. GLOOP is Augustus’ mother who has overindulged her son with food. She accompanies Augustus on the tour of the factory, and sings “I Eat More!” which is one of the more difficult songs in the score for young people. The role requires a character actress who isn’t afraid to take positive risks both in her acting and her singing. 


MIKE TEAVEE For this adaptation Mike is not just a TV junky. He is also addicted to video games, the Internet and any other mind numbing technological device. Mike is bratty, loud and obnoxious. He does not know the word “no.” Mike and Ms. Teavee sing “I See It All on TV” so he should be a reasonable singer, but does not need to be phenomenal. Mike could also be portrayed by a girl playing a boy, but generally works best with a male actor.


VIOLET BEAUREGARDE Gum chewer extraordinaire, Violet hails from Snellville, Georgia, so it’s nice if she has a Southern American accent, but not necessary. Violet should stand in stark contrast to Veruca Salt. Veruca is a wealthy refined brat; Violet is more of a blue collar, middle class brat. She sings “Chew It” along with Willy Wonka. The song is a tour-de-force for the right voice, so cast a young lady with strong voice. 


VERUCA SALT is the wealthy, class-conscious, spoiled brat. She is often portrayed with a high British accent that is by no means required (brats come in all nationalities). Veruca’s solo number “I Want It Now” is deceptively tricky and comes late in the show, so select a young woman with a strong voice. Veruca should contrast sharply with Violet Beauregarde in terms of look and physical type. 


GRANDMA JOSEPHINA, GRANDMA GEORGINA, GRANDPA GEORGE Charlie’s three grandparents are mainly non-singing character roles. Cast performers that are innately interesting, who have good comic timing and are solid actors.


JAMES is Charlie’s friend from school. He has a few lines and sings the introduction of “The Candy Man” along with Matilda and Charlie. 


MATILDA is also a schoolmate of Charlie’s, but she’s a bit of bully. Matilda has a few lines and sings the introduction of “The Candy Man” along with James and Charlie.


THE CANDY MAN KIDS: These kids sing “The Candy Man” and their numbers may be expanded as you see fit and your program will allow. 


CHORUS OF COOKS: The Cooks appear during “I Eat More!” presenting Augustus with a smorgasbord of food choices. 


MRS. BEAUREGARDE is a teacher of geography and has invested a great deal of hard-earned money on therapy for her orally fixated daughter, with less than stellar results. The role is virtually non-singing. Her accent should match Violet’s


MR. SALT’S solution to most problems is to buy his way out. He is upper class, and usually portrayed with a high British accent. (But this accent is not necessary—just make sure Veruca and Mr. Salt sound like they hail from the same place.) He sings very little. A female actress playing male may also play the role. 


SQUIRRELS are non-speaking, non-singing roles and you can cast as many as necessary. This is a great part for beginning actors.

August 13th 11am
A Promise to Cast Every Child
Show Date: Dec. 11th Tiimes TBD

Come Ready to Sing, Act and Dance.
Audition FAQs
Q: What should my performer and I bring to the initial audition?
A:  Your performer may bring a pre-recorded backing audio track to use when singing her/his initial audition song Your performer should wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable for dancing. (Wearing soft jazz dance shoes is optional during auditions.)

Q: What will happen during the audition?
A: Audition may be about 2-3hours. Please arrive 15 minutes before 11am start time. You will review and sign your audition form. Performers will recite a short monologue from the script provided. 
Performers in the audition group will then learn a dance combination .  

Q: Does my performer need to bring musical accompaniment to the initial audition?
A: Performers can sing an initial audition song either a capella or to a pre-recorded backing audio track, whichever method they prefer.