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A Promise to Cast Every Child   |  Dance Connection

Draco Malfoy

and the Heir of Slytherin


draco audition copy.jpg

Season 2023

Dance Connection, 6535 N Buffalo Dr #150, Las Vegas, NV 89131



January 7th 11am
A Promise to Cast Every Child
Show Date: June. 4th Times TBD

Come Ready to Sing, Act and Dance.
Audition FAQs
Q: What should my performer and I bring to the initial audition?

A:  Your performer may bring a pre-recorded backing audio track to use when singing her/his initial audition song Your performer should wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable for dancing. (Wearing jazz dance shoes is optional during auditions.)

Q: What will happen during the audition?
A: Audition may be about 2-3hours. Please arrive 15 minutes before 11am start time. You will review and sign your audition form. Performers will recite a short monologue from the script provided. 
Performers in the audition group will then learn a dance combination .  

Q: Does my performer need to bring musical accompaniment to the initial audition?
A: Performers can sing an initial audition song either a capella or to a pre-recorded backing audio track, whichever method they prefer. 

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