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Payment Policies


Based on class enrollment per week

   # of Enrolled Classes   

       Monthly Tutition       

drop in rate


      30 min / week      


      1 hour / week      


     1.5 hour / week    


      2 hour / week      


      3 hour / week      


      4 hour / week      


      5 hour / week      


      6 hour / week      


      7 hour / week      


Specialty Classes (Tap I/II and Adult Classes)
Omitted From Discounts

   Each class after 7hrs.   $12 additional per class. 

       30 min. private       


        1 hour private        


Birthday Party Packages

             $150 and up

Studio DC and 1 Rental      

      DC Event Space       



• New students may register online or at the front desk for a trial.

• Your first month with Dance Connection is prorated after your trial.

• Tuition is due the15th of the preceding month. (Example: Sept. Tuition is due Aug. 15th) 

• After 7 day grace period, a $15 late fee will be charged to your account and $5 every additional week late.

• After 45 days account must be paid up to date before student may participate in class or perform.

• There is an Annual Registration fee of $25 per student or $40 per family. Military, First Responders, Police, Veterans and Co. Members (Reg Fee Waived)

• Family discount -10% discount for each child AFTER 1st child (Discount given to child in less classes)

• Class Make-ups: You may make up a class during August - April by taking another class. This class may be different than your registered class or even a higher level to have a unique experience. During May and June Make ups are not allowed because we are in working on our June Concert.

• All Tuition, Registration, Concert Fees, Costume Fees and DC Company Expenses are Non-Refundable. If unforeseen cancellation of an event should happen, the fees will be used to go to an online platform whether it be classes, shows or competitions. 

• Past due Costumes and Concert Fees will also incur a late fee. Costumes will not be released if your account balance is not current.

• To cancel an account, please notify the front desk office by the 15th of the preceding month you plan to leave. Billing will continue until proper notification.

• Our Return Check Fee of $35.00 applies to each returned check occurrence. After two returned checks, the account must be paid by Credit Card, Debit or Cash.

• We accept All Credit Cards, Debit, Cash, Check and Bank Draft.

• Referral Credit: When you refer a new student that registers and pays, the you receive a $10 credit on your account.

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