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 Dance Studio Etiquette


To keep our students and studio safe we have a few policies set.

  • Be Respectful to all teachers and fellow students.​

  • Dancers will keep a positive attitude toward their work, peers and instructor.

  • Proper dance/exercise attire must be worn to ensure quality of instruction, freedom of movement, & safety.


  • Hair must be pulled back securely away from your face and neck. Ballet must wear hair in bun

  • Punctuality and attendance are important to the development of knowledge, skill and individual progress.

  • Please remove all jewelry before class. This includes ear rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. NO hoop or dangling ear rings. (The only Exceptions: You may wear tiny 1/8" stud ear rings and your wedding ring)

  • Food and Drinks are not permitted in the studios. Water bottles may be kept in bags during rehearsals

  • Gum is not permitted within the building or studios.

  • Smoking is not permitted in or around the premises.

  • Foot and Body powders may not be used in the studios. They cause very slippery floors.

  • No hanging, climbing, sitting or leaning on ballet barre(s)

  • Cell phones must be kept in dance bag on silent.  No texting during class or between classes.

  • All gear and other personal items must be labeled. (Ex: shoes, bags, jackets, t-shirts etc)

  • Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any student who disturbs the class at any time.

  • No talking during class, unless asking the instructor a question or responding to a question the instructor asked.

  • Dance Connection is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If something is found, it is placed in lost & found.

  • Parents must see front desk when needing to pick dancer up early before dismissal.

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