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Beat the Heat  |  Dance Connection

Summer 2022

Join us as we stay cool in the summer with our super, exciting summer classes, themed camps and intensives!  These experiences provide an amazing opportunity for students to learn dance with our amazing faculty, have fun, make new friends and continue training. Don’t stop dancing in the summer! Students who continue to dance during the summer are more likely to move up a level quicker! Some of the best progress is made during the summer months, because class sizes are smaller allowing more individual attention. We have something for all ages and levels. 

Camps Anchor

Gabby's Dollhouse Dance Party

(two camps - choose one or both)

July 12-14      (ages 3-6yrs)

10am-12pm     $110

Performance On Last Day

Does your child love to sing and dance? If so, then they will have so much fun dancing and singing to their favoirte Gabby Dollhouse songs and enjoy building Cat-Tastic crafts. At end of the camp they will perform for family.

*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.

Encanto Dance Camp 

(two age groups)

July 19-21      (age 3-6yrs & age 7-11yrs)

10am-12pm    $110

Performance On Last Day

Join the magic. Each one of us is unique! Campers will dance and sing to Encanto favorites with themed games and crafts that will help your dancer discover their "superpower".At the end of the camp, they will perform for family.

*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.


Bestie Craft ~ Mini Art Camp

(two age groups)

June 13   (ages 6-8yrs)

June 13   (ages 9-11yrs)

10am-12pm     $40

Grab your best friend and join us with some fun crafts together! We'll make BFF projects together! What a great way to spend the summer with your BFF and make new BFF's

*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.

neon camp

Neon Disco Hangout

June 20-22  (ages 7-11yrs)

Performance On Last Day

1pm-3pm  (age 7-11yrs)       $110

Wear your glow in the dark clothes and join us for a fun hip hopping glow in the dark party with glow in the dark crafts. At the end of the camp, they will perform for familly.

*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.


Cinderella Ballet Camp

July 5-7  (ages 7-11yrs)

Performance On Last Day

1pm-3pm  (age 7-11yrs)       $110

You are invited to the Royal Ball. An exciting camp filled with dance, music and crafts focusing on Cinderella's Story. At the end of the camp, they will perform for familly.

*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.


Whimsical Unicorn Wonderland Camp

July 5-7    (ages 3-6yrs)

Performance On Last Day

10am-12pm     $110

Join a magical adventure making friends. Your camper will dance creating a true unicorn experience with glittery crafts, mystical songs and more. Your camper will stay magically moving. At the end of the camp, they will perform for family.

*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.


Breakin' Brick Party

July 12-14    (ages 7-11)

Performance On Last Day

1pm-3pm  (age 7-11yrs)       $110

Legos are fun; so is dancing. This camp is perfect for kids who love break dance, hip hop and leogs. Dancers will enjoy dancing, crafting and showing off cool moves to family and friends. At the end of the camp, they will perform.

*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.


Lock-In Color Wars

(parent night out)

July 15 7:45pm-11:45pm $50

(two age groups: 8-11 and 12-18)

We've got spirit, how about you? Join us for Parent's Night Out while we break into team colors, have a fashion show, pizza and of course dance.

*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.

Intensive Anchor

Conservatory of the Performing Arts

COPA ~ July 5-21

2 Age Groups ~ 3 Programs

DC A La Cart $50 each

DC Talent (3 classes) $140
DC Rising Stars (6 classes) $245 

Choose Your Curriculum

Technique, Arial Arts, Contortion, Acting, Makeup, Choreography, Commerical, Acro, Turns

*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.


Ballet Intensive
July 11-12 9am-12:30pm $115 (ages 8-11yrs)
July 13-14  9am-3pm  $200 (ages 12+)
Get a jump start on refining your technique this summer. The 6 hour ballet intensive will give students an opportunity to improve their abilities through a highly focused technical apporach with smaller class sizes. The intensive will focus in on strength, ballet technique and grace.
*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.


Technique Boot Camp

July 12-13 12:30-3:30 $100 (ages 12+)

July 19-20 9:30-12:30  $100 (ages 7-11yrs)

Are you dedicated to improving and perfecting your dance skills? This intensive is what you need. We will work on leaps, turns, jumps, stretching, streghthening and more.

*Bring Snacks and Water Bottles.

Classes Anchor
summer schedule handout

Summer 2022 Schedule

Dance Connection, 6535 N Buffalo Dr #150, Las Vegas, NV 89131

Special Events - Mixed Ages - Primary/Kinder - Elementary - Middle/High - Company

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