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Important Tips To Help Dancers Succeed!

Success doesn't come because we are lucky. Success comes when we are willing to put work in and never stop reaching for the next goal... if you want it, you must work for it.

Here are important tips for you as a dancer to follow! If you apply them all you you will fly higher than ever.

•Most dancers pay so much attention to others than themselves that they don't see that there’s a clear sign to anyone that you're not there to help yourself.

•Are you purposely applying corrections in the moment (even if they weren't directed at you), or are you just shaking head y es with no follow thru.

•Do you place yourself in a position where the teacher has a clear view of where you are? Let them know you are open and available to let them to participate in your improvements.

•Part of being able to stand out to any teacher is the way you conduct yourself in class, your personal work ethic. You've been doing this for so long you have built a certain set of habits, but the real question is "Have these habits helped you get to where you want to be?" If you're not happy with your results then those habits are not working and it’s time to build new ones.

•Take Initiative - You need to let your teachers know you're interested in getting better by your everyday actions.

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